Moon says willing to meet N. Korean leader at any time under right conditions [LINK]

6 July, South Korean President Moon Jae-in called on Pyongyang to return to the dialogue table, noting it may be facing the last and best chance to do so. It was a stark message to convey: South Korea is willing to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un at any time and any place under right circumstances.

“I make this clear here and now. We do not want North Korea’s collapse, nor will we seek any form of unification (with North Korea) by absorption,” Moon said.

This reference to not seek unification infers that the Kim regime can rest assured that it will be facing an existential threat by engaging in talks. This is a  pivot from previous narratives promulgated by South Korean administrations, which base their policies on the ultimate goal of reunification under South Korea auspices.

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What North Korea learned from Libya’s descent into anarchy? (How Kim Jong Un learned to love the bomb)

Kim Jung Un’s sanity has been questioned for years. He is characterised and satirised as an unhinged megalomaniac. He is attributed with an apocalyptic desire to annihilate large parts of the world’s population by instigating a nuclear war.

However, a counter-argument can be made that Kim Jung Un is, in fact, a rational actor.

North Korea’s nuclear development pursuits have cost the country a large percentage of its GDP, crippled its economic growth potential, isolated itself from the modern world and ultimately starved, stunted and subjected its citizens in this “social utoipa” for generations.

Yes, such actions  are cruel and tyrannical, but they do not qualify as irrational from a game theory standpoint.

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