A 15 minute video giving insight into the precarious, complex and radically trail-blazing history of Haiti, the first black republic in the world.

US President Donald Trump called Haiti a shithole and allegedly claimed Haitian immigrants “all have AIDS” (according to a New York Times article in 2017).

To watch the video, follow the link to watch this really interesting video about the Haitian people and the colonial roots that led to their current struggles.

The video highlights the many ways that Haitians blazed the trail. On January 1st 1804, Jean-Jacques Dessalines, an African-born ex-slave declared Haiti an independent country, freed from colonial control.

Haiti was the first black republic in the world and the first country in the Western hemisphere to abolish slavery completely.





China sending Special Envoy to North Korea… but still no meeting between Kim and Xi

Beijing announced it will send Song Tao, a special envoy of China’s President Xi Jinping, to North Korea on November 17. A Chinese spokesperson Geng Shuang said that Song’s is travelling to North Korea to give a briefing on the 19th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Song Tao, a special envoy of China's President Xi Jinping to visit North Korea Source: Yonhap News

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Russia’s alternative vision for Asia: accommodating a nuclear North Korea?

Russia and North Korea share a short border but a long history.

Source: http://www.csmonitor.com

When the United States and the Soviet Union drew the seemingly innocuous line dividing the Korean peninsula in 1953, it was regarded as a temporary administrative division for processing Japanese forces after World War II.

However, since then, Russia (and its Soviet Union predecessor) have been ensnared in the fate of the hermit Communist state.

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Facebook and Twitter: Threats to our democracy?

In early November 2017, legal representatives of Twitter, Facebook and Google faced questioning before Congress concerning the accusation that Russia exploited their websites to interfere with the 2016 US Presidential election.

Facebook, Google and Twitter executives testifying before US Congress, Wednesday 1st November 2017. Source: https://www.recode.net/2017/11/1/16588374/live-updates-facebook-google-twitter-testify-senate-congress-russia-president-election

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The Psychology of Fear and Trump’s Victory.

Photo credit: http://www.insidegov.com

Fear is the most powerful primitive emotion in humans. It has enabled our species to both survive and evolve over millenia. This primal emotion is automatically elicited by threats or perceived dangerous events, involving little by way of  higher order reasoning. But, it exponentially increases our chance of survival in the face of peril.

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